Download Theme Package

It is important to download the latest version of theme and plugins from your ThemeForest account. You can read this guide to know how to download it

The Installable WordPress Theme is just the installable theme file, while the Theme Package includes these following files and folders:

  • Documentation Folder – contains document and other materials
  • Installation Files Folder – contains all installable files, including theme & plugins folder:
    • theme/colossal .zip – Colossal theme
    • theme/child themes/colossal – A blank child theme of Colossal that inherits the functions and style of parent theme. If you need to customize something, use it to start.
    • plugins/ – A plugin which contains all shortcodes for theme.
    • plugins/ – provides Member feature
    • plugins/ – provides Office Locations feature
    • plugins/ – provides Service/Portfolio feature
    • plugins/ – A (premium) Visual Composer plugin which helps you visually build pages.