Update Theme & Plugins

Update Theme

There are two methods to update theme as below:

Manual Update: (RECOMMENDED)

You can also update new version in traditional way:

Via WordPress:

  • Step 1:  Deactivate current theme by going to Appearance > Themes and activate any another theme such as the default WordPress theme.
  • Step 2:  Delete older version by clicking on Delete link. Confirm to delete.
  • Step 3: Update and reinstall the new version.

Via FTP:

  • Step 1: Unzip the “installable theme” file
  • Step 2: Use your FTP software to browse to “wp-content/themes” folder
  • Step 3: Upload to override the installation folder to their corresponding folder

All posts and settings will be saved. This is data-safe method.

Auto Update theme via Envato Market plugin

You can use the new one Envato Market plugin to install WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon automatically. Once your themes & plugins are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so keeping your items up to date is as simple as a few clicks.

First, make sure that the Envato Market plugin is installed and activated (you can download it from here http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/) then go to Envato Market in the WP menu

There are two variations on how to setup this plugin:

  1. Global OAuth Personal Token:  you will be able to update/install all your themes you purchased on ThemeForest
  2. Single Use OAuth Personal Token:  you can setup updates for a single theme

You can add a global token to connect all your items from your account, and/or connect directly with a specific item using a singe-use token & item ID. When the global token and single-use token are set for the same item, the single-use token will be used to communicate with the API.

In this example, we will use the Global OAuth Personal Token method:

  • Step 1: You just need to click on the generate a personal token link, which will take you to the Envato page, where you will need to log in and generate the token:


  • Step 2: Then copy the generated token and paste it in the plugin settings.


  • Step 3: Once you save the token, you will see a list of all themes that you purchased on ThemeForest. If there is an update for your theme it will look like this:


  • Step 4: To update the theme just click on Update Available and the theme will update to the latest version.

Update Plugins

First, please check theme’s release logs to see if you need to update plugins. Second, browser to the “Installation Files\plugins” folder, and select one of two following methods to update plugins:

Via WordPress:

  • Deactivate and delete the plugins you need to update from Admin > Plugins
  • Install and activate the new version of these plugins

Via FTP:

  • Unzip the .zip files of the plugins you want to update.
  • Login to your FTP account and navigate to your WordPress Installation directory
  • Navigate to the folder /wp-content/plugins
  • Override the folders of these plugins


  • After Updating: you should clear your Site & Browser Cache