Cactus – Office plugin

This plugin enables Office features.

Go to Cactus-Office Settings page to configure general settings for this plugin

1. General

  • Google Maps Location : Google Maps Embed Code of main Head Quarter. To get the code, please follow
  • Head Quarter Image : Image of Head Quarter Office
  • Office Listing – Slug : Slug of Office Listing Page. Make sure you have created a page with the same slug in advance

2. Archives Page

  • Head Quarter Map or Image : Map/Image – Show Head Quarter Map or Image in the Archives Page

3. Single Page

  • Single Office – Enable : Enable/Disable – Enable Single Office Location page
  • Single Office – Slug : Change Office slug. Remember to save the permalink settings again in Settings > Permalinks
  • Default Metadata : Define default metadata for all projects, seprated by a comma. Examples: “Client, Services, Quality”.
  • Single Office – Sidebar : Enable Main Sidebar for Single Office page or not
    • Right
    • Left
    • Hidden
  • Map or Image : Map/Image – Show Map or Image of Single Office