Choose from 27+ pre-defined loading animations.
These animations work for pre-loading page effect and ajax pagination
Ball Pulse
Ball Pulse Sync
Ball Beat
Ball Pulse Rotate
Ball Grid Pulse
Ball Grid Beat
Ball Clip Rotate
Ball Clip Rotate Pulse
Ball Clip Rotate Multiple
Ball Pulse Rise
Cube Transition
Ball Zig Zag
Ball Zig Zag Deflect
Ball Triangle Path
Line Scale
Line Scale Party
Line Scale Pulse Out
Line Scale Pulse Out Rapid
Ball Scale
Ball Scale Multiple
Ball Scale Ripple
Ball Scale Ripple Multiple
Ball Spin Fade Loader
Line Spin Fade Loader
Triangle Skew Spin
Semi Circle Spin
Square Spin
Loading Effect can work on header or any shortcode elements. Lazy Loading works on images to enhance loading time